'The Gifted': Blair Redford on the Mutant Underground Following That Big Battle

The gang is finally back together on The Gifted, and that could mean big things for the future of Fox’s X-Men television series.

Spoilers for The Gifted episode three, “eXit strategy,” follow.

Last night’s episode of The Gifted saw the Mutant Underground members Thunderbird, Eclipse, Blink, Dreamer, Harry, and the Struckers mount an attack on a Sentinel Services convoy in order to rescue Polaris and Reed Strucker, both of whom have been incarcerated for most of the season.

The assault on the convoy did not go exactly as planned thanks to the presence of Pulse, a mutant who was Thunderbird’s best friend and a member of the Mutant Underground until he was believed to have been killed during an assault on a mutant relocation facility. However, even with that unexpected complication, the team managed to pull off the rescue and free Polaris and Reed.

With the Mutant Underground back and full strength and knowledge that Pulse is alive and that Sentinel Services is somehow turning mutants against their own kind, The Gifted has set the stage for larger stories to come, though star Blair Redford (Thunderbird) says the group may just be looking for a breather first.

“I think after getting any missing team members back, they're probably just trying to find a bit of a neutral ground for a minute,” Redford tells ComicBook.com. “There are other situations that come to light that they need to investigate and it becomes...we'll just say, they have another fight that doesn't involve saving their friends exactly. That's all something you'll have to just pick up as the show goes along.”

Thunderbird has been leading the Underground in Polaris’ absence. With Polaris now back, Redford believes the Underground has three pillars of leadership to look to in Lorna, Thunderbird, and Eclipse.

“As far as Polaris coming back in the group, she's definitely one of the pillars of the Atlanta branch of the Underground,” he says. “I think Thunderbird's perspective is that the team is strongest when all three of them are there because they all have such a different perspective and when you have all those opinions it helps you see things in a different light. Eclipse is a little bit more emotionally driven and Thunderbird is a little bit more of the rock of the group and tries to think out all the decisions in a militant manner, and then you have Polaris who is kind of a hothead, but sometimes that can come in handy.”

As for Pulse’s return, Redford says fans should definitely expect to learn more in the future.

“The fact that there is a mutant working with the other side definitely raises a lot of questions and is the starting point for a pretty big storyline in the first season,” Redford says.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

The GiftedMonday at 9 PM ET on FOX

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