'The Gifted' Exclusive: First Look at Pulse

Tonight’s episode of The Gifted on Fox will introduce another mutant from the Marvel Universe, and this one may be capable of shutting the Mutant Underground down all by himself.

The episode “eXit strategy" will feature the first appearance of the mutant called Pulse, played by Zach Roerig (The Vampire Diaries). Unlike the other mutants introduced on The Gifted so far, Pulse is working with Sentinel Services, helping to round up mutant fugitives.

Here’s your first look at Pulse using his mutant power, which allows him to negate the powers of other mutants.

Pulse The Gifted

Pulse was previously a friend of John “Thunderbird” Proudstar, played by Blair Redford, one of the leaders of the Mutant Underground in Atlanta. ComicBook.com spoke to Redford about that relationship, though he felt most of the details would be best kept secret until tonight’s episode aired.

“I think most of that has to be reserved until it pops up on the TV,” Redford said. “Pulse himself, the character is a really formidable opponent for the group to go up against. He has the power to suppress other mutants' abilities that are in his vicinity. It's clearly something that can change the game if a guy like that gets involved in the fight. As far as Thunderbird's history to him, it's a pretty big story point, so I think it's best watched live.”

Pulse, also known as Augustus, is a character created by Peter Milligan and Salvador Larocca for Marvel Comics who first appeared in X-Men #173 in 2005. Pulse was an ally of Mystique, and Mystique believed that his ability to negate other mutant’s powers made him a perfect match for her adopted daughter, Rogue, especially if that meant getting Gambit out of Rogue’s life.

The comic book version of Pulse was something of a sadist, as he enjoyed stealing artwork only to sell them and use the money he got in return to invest in stocks he knew would crash, deriving a kind of twisted pleasure in wasting other people’s wealth. However, he did seem to harbor some genuine affection for Rogue and defended her from Gambit when Remy was transformed into one of Apocalypse's horsemen.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

The GiftedMonday at 9 PM ET on FOX

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