Did Robert Downey Jr. Reveal Four Avengers Who Survive 'Infinity War'?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will se a significant shakeup when Thanos comes to town in next year's Avengers: Infinity War, which could raise the stakes with some casualties among Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

And while fans have wondered if Iron Man or Captain America would bite the dust in the new movie, Robert Downey Jr. might have just revealed the answer with his latest photo from the set of Avengers 4.

Now, we're not sure, but just to be safe let's just call this a potential spoiler warning.

With his new Instagram post, Downey Jr. revealed production chairs for himself as well as co-stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Paul Rudd. While it might seem innocent enough, the fact that they have chairs could be an indication that none of those fan-favorite characters will perish in the battle against Thanos.

New flick, new short chair. #lumbarsupport #marvel #bts

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Fans are particularly worried about Cap and Iron Man specifically given their Marvel Studios contract status, and those concerns intensified with the report of a funeral scene being shot for the new film.

With the completion untitled Avengers sequel, Evans will have fulfilled his obligations as Captain America. The actor's comments make it seem like he's ready to take on new and different roles, though he has reflected on his time fondly. There also is a comic book precedent of the character dying and/or being replaced by one of his friends.

Downey Jr., however, seems content to play Tony Stark in a more limited capacity, such as in these big crossover movies or like in Spider-Man: Homecoming. But the death of the longest running character in the MCU would have a significant impact on the films and could be a great plot point if done well.

Ant-Man's survival seems pretty obvious considering the character is getting a sequel film released after Avengers: Infinity War. Even if the continuity is mixed up, it doesn't seem like Marvel would want to neuter one of its newer franchises so early.

And Black Widow can't go anywhere until we get her solo movie, dammit.

While Chris Hemsworth's character doesn't have a chair in the photo, he could return for another installment based on Thor: Ragnarok. The actor has previously spoken about how much he enjoyed filming the new film with director Taika Waititi, who expressed interest in making a sequel.

So who, will die in Avengers: Infinity War? We'll find out next year when the movie premieres on May 4, 2018.

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