Watch 'The Punisher's Stairwell Fight Scene In New Preview

With less than two weeks until the premiere of Marvel's latest series on Netflix, fans are starting to learn more and more about Frank Castle's campaign of vengeance.

A new clip from The Punisher shows it will also include the Netflix staple of a hallway or stairwell fight scene, like like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and The Defenders before it. Take a look in the video above!

Many of the Netflix superhero series have had amazing fight choreography and intense action scenes, but The Punisher looks to be taking it up a notch.

The promises to depict brutal and visceral violence, pushing the boundaries established in previous series in the Defenders family.

The first hallway fight scene took place in Daredevil Season One, showing Murdock in his black Under Armor gear taking on gang members in a drug out fistfight that wore each participant down until the Devil of Hell's Kitchen was the last man standing. Season Two upped the ante with a stairwell scene in which Daredevil takes on a squad of armed bikers with a chain in one hand and an empty gun taped to the other.

Since then, fans have come to expect some variation of the typically one-take fight scene in each series, and it looks like The Punisher will be no different.

Although this one in particular has more than a few edits, that doesn't mean a segment of the 'one-take' shot won't be featured, or that they'll employ that trope in a different scene.

It's interesting that Castle is going up against police officers, who mostly consider him dead after the events of Daredevil Season Two. And the Punisher doesn't target law enforcement officers without a reason, and usually that reason has to do with corruption. It might just be a case of survival at this point, needing to continue his mission no matter the cost.

We'll learn more about Frank Castle's quest to avenge his family's murder when The Punisher premieres on Netflix November 17.

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