'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Star Still Campaigning to Play Marvel's Miss America

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz used the Thanksgiving holiday to let Marvel Studios know something she would be thankful for: Playing the character of America Chavez (aka Miss America) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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This latest image from Beatriz's Instagram page is just the latest step in the actress's campaign to win the Miss America role; back in the spring she outright tweeted her desire to play America Chavez, and even stipulated that Miss America comic book writer Gabby Rivera be recruited to script the live-action character. To give people better visual motivation, Beatriz also dressed as Chavez for Halloween. So far, judging by social media reaction, Marvel fans would be all for it. Beatriz is a longtime standout in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine ensemble, playing hardass (and monotone) cop, Rosa Diaz.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans already know just how well Beatriz looks and acts like a version of Miss Amercia perfect for the MCU. The character has pretty fantastical powers (like strength, durability, flight, and, you know, kicking open holes in reality...), so she'd probably be best saved for the big screen.

Marvel is currently adding a nice YA-culture element to its brand with the release of Runaways on Hulu (read our Official Review HERE); now is the time to start getting into more recent youth-skewing properties like Young Avengers, as well is more uniquely diverse characters, like Miss America (an LGBTQ Latina).

Casting really doesn't get any easier than this. Marvel... Just saying.

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