'Avengers: Infinity War': Who Says 'The End Is Near' in New TV Spot?

The latest Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot doesn't offer much in the way of new footage, but it does have an exciting new audio reveal, which fans are now buzzing about.

The spot is called "The End is Near", and around ten seconds in, we actually get that line of dialogue from a yet-unidentified character. Naturally, fan conversation is now turning to who is dropping this apocalyptic line.

Here are the most likely candidates:


The Black Order

Avengers Infinity War  End Is Near TV Spot Ebony Maw Corvus Glaive Voice

The biggest point of consensus in fan discussion is that this is mostly likely our first reveal of The Black Order, Thanos' team of nightmarish lieutenants. The Black Order are a highly anticipated feature of Avengers: Infinity War, but aside from some promo artwork, we haven't really seen much or heard anything from them in the trailers.

Of course, the question then becomes: which member of The Black Order is actually speaking? Here are the top guesses, according to fan ranking on Reddit:

Ebony Maw - Most fans seem to think that this is Ebony Maw speaking. Actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor spoke to us about his character, and what little he was able to tease suggests that Maw could indeed be the speaker. The comic book version of Maw was a shadow-surfing mind-bender, able to whisper in the ear of Doctor Strange and manipulate him to serve Thanos' cause. We really hope this is Maw, because the voice would be spot-on creepy.

Corvus Glaive - Thanos' general is just as monstrous and creepy as Ebony Maw - just in a different way. In the comics, Corvus would walk into the throne rooms of kingdoms all across the galaxy, brazenly demanding tribute of children's heads in exchange for Thanos' "mercy." If that's not nefarious enough, Glaive also loves to talk up his own dark deeds, just before murdering victims with his unbreakable scythe. If anyone in the Black Order would be making big proclamations like "The end is near," it would be Corvus Glaive.


Some fans think that Idris Elba's Heimdall could be the one speaking the line - possibly one of his final lines. Last we saw, Heimdall was with the last of the Asgardians, as the escaped Ragnarok. Well, that ship was ambushed by Thanos' ship, Sanctuary 2, and Infinity War trailers show that it won't end well. If Heimdall knows that doom is coming, these could be his last words to Thor - before helping the Odinson escape.

Hawkeye or Vision,

Some fans have speculated that this could be a hero character who is speaking for Thanos while being affected by an Infinity Stone. The clear big guess would be The Mind Stone, and that would make either Hawkeye or Vision the most likely subjects to be a mouthpiece for Thanos.

Hawkeye seems a little more far-fetched than Vision, but would be a bigger twist. This would be an interesting subversion of viewer expectations, something the Russo Bros. have been known to do.


A few fans dropped Doctor Strange's new nemesis as a possibility - but he's not in the movie, so... no.



Who do you think is dropping this prophecy of doom in the latest Avengers TV spot? Let us know in the comments!

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