Nebraska Woman Deems Spider-Man Statue “Demonic” and “Anti-Christian”

A Nebraskan woman has decried a Spider-Man art statue as “demonic” and “anti-Christian” because she believes it to be representative of the Devil.

A sculpture located near the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Lincoln, Nebraska, titled “Spiderman” by artist Ian Anthony Laing, shows Spider-Man’s red and black-clad hands spinning a web when making his iconic “web-shooter” motion.


But one woman is demanding city action and condemned the statue because it is “anti-Christian, demonic, and completely inappropriate for showcase near a family attraction,” according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

“It is a sculpture of two hands open, painted Red & Black, and formed into Devil Horns,” reads the email sent to Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird.

The unidentified woman called the six-foot sculpture “ugly” and demanded it be moved because it’s a “hate crime against the church.”

City ombudsman Lin Quenzer explained the Spider-Man statue is one in a line of 50 sculptures citywide, as part of the “Serving Hands Lincoln” public art project in benefit of Campus Life.

The nonprofit’s executive director Matt Schulte said the statue is instead in reference to the Marvel Comics superhero. Spider-Man’s costume is sometimes depicted in a red and black color scheme in favor of his traditional red and blue, including in Marvel Studios blockbuster Spider-Man: Far From Home.


“The sculpture is most definitely not a devil-related sculpture,” Schulte said when responding to the citizen. “It clearly has a very playful child-like intent.”

Quenzer added the city will not be seeking to remove the Spider-Man sculpture, which will be available to purchase at auction, alongside similar sculptures in the public art series, October 25 at 7 p.m. at Pinnacle Bank Arena.