'Avengers: Infinity' HeroClix Preview: Thor, Ego-Prime, and Javelin

HeroClix is going bigger than ever before for its next set, Avengers: Infinity.

Avengers: Infinity will be the first HeroClix set ever to include a 2x2 colossal sized figure in every booster pack, along with four standard-size figures.

ComicBook.com has three exclusive previews from the new set, starting with Javelin!

019b Javelin
(Photo: WizKids)

That’s right, the Spaceknights are coming to HeroClix, and this unique uncommon Javelin figure is leading the way.

Javelin’s “Galadorian Reactive Armor” trait grants him Toughness, which gets upgraded to Invulnerability when targeted by a ranged attack. He also has two special abilities to start his dial. The first is the “Plandanium Javelin” attack power, which grants him Blades/Claws/Fangs with the bonus rider that gives the hit target an action token on a roll of 5 or 6.

His defense power is “Galadorian Phalanx, which gives him a +1 to defense when he’s adjacent to one or more characters with the Spaceknight keyword. Javelin himself has the Spaceknight keyword, as well as the Armor, Cosmic, and Robot generic keywords.

Next up is a Thor quite unlike any other in modern HeroClix:

045 Thor
(Photo: WizKids)

This Thor represents the god of thunder from the Avengers Infinity comic book series from 2000. Thor has the Asgardian, Avengers, Cosmic, and Deity keywords at 100 points and the “Cosmic Entity Trait.” The trait says “Thor can’t be the target of an attack with more than one target.”

Thor has an additional trait titled “The 1st Virtue of Life: Nobility.” This trait grants Thor Flurry, and also reads, “Once per turn, when Thor’s attack roll has a 1, until your next turn friendly characters can use the Power Cosmic team ability and after resolutions heal each friendly character with two action tokens 1 click.”

Thor also has a special damage power titled “Humility Does Not Come Easily.” The power says, “When Thor misses one or more targets, after resolutions give him a Humility token. Modify Thor’s attack +1 for each Humility token. When Thor hits, remove all Humility tokens.”

Thor also has a STOP click called “Life’s Last Hope,” which also grant him Mastermind, and the Power Cosmic team ability.

Finally, we have one of the 2x2 colossal figures, Ego-Prime:

G020 Ego-Prime
(Photo: WizKids)

Ego-Prime has the Power Cosmic team ability and can be played at 350, 250, 150, or 75 points. Like Thor, Ego-Prime has the “Cosmic Entity” trait that prevents him from being targeted in a multi-target attack.

Ego-Prime also has a trait called “The Very Earth is Mine to Command.” The trait reads, “When Ego-Prime destroys a piece of blocking terrain, after resolutions you may generate Ego Anti-Body bystanders (maximum 6 on the map) for each piece destroyed.” The Ego Anti-Body bystanders have traited Plasticity, plus Sidestep, Super Strength, and Toughness.

Each of Ego-Prime’s starting lines starts with the Mass Destruction attack special power for two clicks. This power grants him Super Strength, plus “When Ego-Prime is given a MOVE action, after resolutions destroy all adjacent pieces of blocking terrain, then he can use quake at no cost.” Considering Ego-Prime’s colossal size and reach, that should make him quite the threat and make it pretty easy to generate those Ego Anti-Body bystanders.


In addition to these figures, Avengers: Infinity features more classic Avengers like Hawkeye and Jack of Hearts, as well as many spacefaring teams like the Infinity Watch featuring Adam Warlock, Drax, and Gamora, Guardians of the Galaxy in their origin stories like Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon, and more Spaceknights.

Avengers: Infinity hits stores on May 16th, and check with your local game store for pre-release events beginning up to two weeks before retail release.