Watch Georgia Football Players Freak Out On Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride

Linebackers might not scare Nick Chubb but the Guardians of the Galaxy ride in Disneyland sure does.

The star running back from the University of Georgia is gearing up for a match-up in the College Football Playoff against Oklahoma but spent some time at the theme park during the week leading up. Of course, the Guardians of the Galaxy ride which took the place of the Tower of Terror ride recently opened, and ESPN had their cameras rigged to capture the players' reactions.

In the video below, tweeted by ESPN, Chubb is seen having a bit of a hard time on a cosmic adventure with Star-Lord and company.

If Chubb shows that same type of fear on the football field this New Year's Day, his team will have a hard time topping Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield -- Oklahoma's quarterback. Mayfield has thrown for more than 4,300 yards this season with 41 touchdowns, while in Chubb's senior season he ran for 1175 yards (only 45 more than his junior season) and 13 scores. Such numbers may be why Chubb wasn't very involved with the conversation for the Hesiman Trophy.


Georgia has never made it to the College Football Playoff since it launched in 2014. 2017 marks the school's first playoff birth, bolstered by a lackluster schedule in competition with the SEC East as downtrodden Florida and Tennessee teams filled out the schedule, despite winning a rematch with the impressive Auburn team in the SEC Championship. Georgia's last National Championship came in 1980.

The College Football Playoff begins Monday as Georgia squares off with Oklahoma and Clemson faces Alabama.