'Iron Fist' Season 2 Featurette Teases Major Improvements to the Fight Sequences

Marvel fans will forever be critical of Iron Fist season 1, especially when it comes to the [...]

Marvel fans will forever be critical of Iron Fist season 1, especially when it comes to the quality of the martial arts action - or lack thereof. It's become a now-infamous piece of Marvel Cinematic Universe trivia that Iron Fist season 1's action sequences were often being crafted on the day of shooting a scene - which is excatly why Marvel and Netflix would want to release this new Iron Fist season 2 featurette video, which let's fans know just how much time and investment was made in improving the action, this time around.

The video introduces us to Iron Fist season 2 stunt coordinator Clayton Barber, and basically runs down his resume of creating exciting onscreen action. Meanwhile, Iron Fist stars like Finn Jones (Danny Rand), Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing) provide testimony as to how season 2 is improving on season 1. According to Jones, "There's an edge to the choreography. There's just a kind of relentless, visceral, energy to it."

In Barber's view, "I really set out to make a punk rock song. So we focused on rhythm and tempo and things like that."

Henwick adds, "It's quite a different style from season 1."

Behind the scenes footage teases scenes and sequences from the upcoming season. We see an early sequence of Danny and Colleen battling in a restaurant setting;Colleen battling other female characters in the close quarters - including a hooded figure we now know is Alice Eve's Typhoid Mary; Danny battling heavily armed foes in what looks to be the back of the armored truck we've seen in trailers that he smashes with his Iron Fist, as well as several different setups for what looks like a fight on a cobble stone street setting, which may be one of the major set pieces from season 2 - perhaps even the finale?

We speculate about that last part only because the production footage hints that some major matchups will occur in the setting, including Danny and Colleen versus an entire group of opponents, and what seems to be Danny and Davos facing off one-on-one, in what could be a direct echo of their fateful battle in K'un Lun - which is also credited as one of the biggest sequences of season 2.

To quote the great Allen Iverson, the key word here is "practice." The video makes sure, above all else, to let fans know that there was sufficient practice put into season 2's fight sequences - and that they will be much more awesome to watch, as a result.

As the zen master said, "We shall see..."

Iron Fist Season 2 premieres all 10 episodes on Netflix starting Sept. 7th. Let us know your thoughts about the latest trailer in the comments!