R-Rated Spider-Man Clip Goes Viral

Spider-Man has arguably become one of the most iconic superheroes in all of popular culture, with the Marvel Comics wall-crawler charming the hearts of many. One of the biggest selling points about Spider-Man has been that, by and large, his adventures on the page and screen have remained family-friendly — but a newly-resurfaced video puts a pretty unique twist on that. Back in December of 2021, the YouTube channel Corridor posted a video imagining an R-rated version of Spider-Man, re-editing clips from the previous films into a more gruesome context. The video, which recently went viral on Twitter, reimagines the Washington Monument scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Gwen Stacy's death in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and even the iconic train scene in Spider-Man 2 to a bloody detail. 

While these Spider-Man scenes are decidedly more gruesome than anything we've actually seen onscreen, there were previous plans to make the web-slinger's onscreen presence a little more adult, particularly when James Cameron was developing a take on the character's franchise prior to 2002's Spider-Man.

"He pushed the metaphor of adolescent sexual development really far. There's a great moment where Peter wakes up in bed with web strands all over himself," screenwriter David Koepp revealed in a recent interview with Variety. "It was like, wow, I don't know if we can do the wet dream thing, but that was pretty funny. Even just the fact that Cameron had taken it seriously was a big deal. It legitimized it in people's minds — not least of all, probably, Sony."

Meanwhile, Sony's Spider-Man-adjacent spinoff films have toyed with the idea of using an R-rating, but that hasn't come to fruition just yet.

"100% we considered it," Venom: Let There Be Carnage star Tom Hardy said in a 2021 interview with ComicBook.com. "With all of these symbiotes, you know, you consider it. You read the comic books and it is extreme, but that's not what we're here to do. We came here to make a movie which, and correct me if I'm wrong, I mean, there's a law and a rule into creating a movie that's accessible to a lot of people, as well as that caters for everybody, including the hardcore fans. So I hope the hardcore fans at least take home that they look at Carnage and go, 'Yeah, I recognize Carnage from the comic books. I'm happy with that.' And yeah, no, we didn't bite everybody's head off, but we did stick a tongue down someone's throat pretty... and managed to come in at a level of rating which is reputable so that grandma can come but also I'll come watch it too."


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