This Kid Could Be A Real Life Magneto

If you survey a random selection of kids, you'll likely find a portion of them to be superhero fans. What you won't typically see is kids with powers just like a superhero, or in this case, a supervillain.

That seems to be the case in regards to five-year-old Erman Delic, a boy from the village of Malesici, which is near Bosnia and Herzegovina. Delic is making quite the impression on social media due to his unique talent of magnetism, just like the revered and iconic X-Men villain Magneto. Delic discovered his gift while watching a tv show, and when his family found out they shared video proof of his talent on social media (via DailyMail UK).

In the video and accompanying pictures, the boy's brother places a total of 13 coins, a fork, and three spoons on his chest, and they all manage to stay in place. He then places another set of spoons and coins on his back, and they too manage to stay in place. After seeing what their son could do, they took him to the doctor just to make sure it wasn't something that needed care, but the doctors determined he was in perfect health.

While it is certainly unique, he isn't alone in this ability, as a nine-year-old boy from Turkey has also been recorded as having the same talent. His name is Mahmet Sumbul, and regarding his talent he said: "People think I'm a freak. When I'm angry, my magnetic field becomes stronger."


Some doctors have claimed this isn't due to limited control of magnetic fields, but rather due to sticky skin. That power in comparison doesn't have nearly the cool ring to it that "Master of Magnetism" does, but even if that is the power, it's still pretty nifty to have.