'Star Trek: Discovery': Is There Hope for Michael Burnham and Ash Tyler?

Michael Burnham received a rude awakening when she discovered Ash Tyler is a Klingon. Can the love [...]

Michael Burnham received a rude awakening when she discovered Ash Tyler is a Klingon. Can the love between Michael and Ash survive discovering he's Voq?

Its safe to say Burnham and Tyler have a complicated love life. With Burnham, Tyler, Voq, and L'Rell, star Shazad Latif tells IGN it's "a four-way love triangle in three bodies."

"It was an amazingly tough scene to shoot," Latif says. "Because we were literally there for 10 months. It was a long shoot, and it was a build-up to basically that moment for me and Sonequa to do, it was the stories coming together. ... T.J. Scott, the brilliant director, he shot it very beautifully, and it was -- we did it basically like a play. It was like 15-minute takes. We did one long, just long, long takes, to try and get the whole argument in, and the whole change, and the whole [thing], all in one, because it's much nicer for an actor to do that. And then, it was very tough. It was sad, beginning different takes where we're crying our eyes out, and we're not crying, more of the voice of Voq, more changing. Just so many different angles you could take it in, and it was one of those days you go home, you go, I need a drink. It was that kind of day."

Latif explains that Tyler and Voq as, "these two guys, they're stuck in a body."

"And he truly believes it," he says. "He's basically just a sleeping giant. And there might be slight physicalities, or a slight essence of [Voq's] voice in Tyler, or some moments, but it is Tyler. Tyler was a real guy, and they've used this guy's body, and that love of Burnham is keeping him alive. And, you know, they're both real people. But, just, Voq is the core being, but he was asleep, was my understanding of it.

"It's a very interesting character, and what's great is you don't see much -- you see him in the first episode, but really episode four is the only big episode he has, yet there's so much to his story," he said. "You know, there could be a whole prequel of him just getting to that point where he suddenly decides to put his hand up, saying, I'll light the fire. His whole life has built to that moment of creating his own, manifesting his own destiny. But, yeah, that's always a very exciting thing for any audience to watch -- someone carve out his own future. He's a very beautiful character. And it's very sad that he completely sacrifices his... he just disappears into another body. Very sad."

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