Star Trek Stars Share Inspirational Message to Fans During Coronavirus Lockdown

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our daily lives, some are turning to celebrities and heroes of fiction for inspiration. Current and former Star Trek cast members have stepped up to that challenge. Patrick Stewart is live-streaming his readings of Shakespeare's sonnets daily. LeVar Burton is bringing his LeVar Burton Reads podcast to live-streams three times a week. Star Trek: Picard producer Akiva Goldsman penned an inspiring Amiral's Log from Jean-Luc Picard's point of view during a shipwide quarantine. Now the stars from the current lineup of CBS All Access Star Trek shows, Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery, have shared an inspiring message with fans via the internet.

The new video released by CBS All Access features Picard and Discovery stars Jeri Ryan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michelle Hurd, Marina Sirtis, Wilson Cruz, Isa Briones, and Jonathan Del Arco jointly sharing a message of hope with Star Trek fans worldwide. That message is:

"This is a tough time for everybody. Times like this can seem overwhelming. Like me, you're probably at home glued to the TV. These are stressful times. But I want you to know, that you are not alone. We're all connected. We can still laugh and smile and share moments. It's just a reminder of the compassion that we always have to have. Let's keep being there for each other. Because we're in this together. And we will live long and prosper."

While the Star Trek family is responding to the coronavirus pandemic in real-time, Patrick Stewart says fans shouldn't expect it the story of Star Trek: Picard Season Two to reflect the pandemic. "I would not encourage that," he said. "This is a disturbing and frightening and sad time for many thousands of people and I would feel uncomfortable if we were to make this a theme of the second season of Star Trek. It is too sensitive, too upsetting, too frightening, I think than some of the other issues that we have dealt with, which are much more of a political nature."

Speaking of being glued to your television, CBS All Access is offering free subscriptions for a limited time. The streaming service is home to every episode of Star Trek television ever, from Star Trek: The Original Series' "The Man Trap" to Star Trek: Picard's "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2." There's never been a better time to get lost on a boldly go into Star Trek binge mode.


There's more Star Trek on the way as well. The Star Trek: Picard writing team is at work on the show's second season. The coronavirus has slowed post-production on Star Trek: Discovery, but season three is still expected to debut later this year.