Star Trek: Picard Producer Reveals Whether Jean-Luc's Android Body Impacts Season 2

The Star Trek universe has expanded into television in some unprecedented ways over the past few years, with a number of live-action and animated series exploring various points in the franchise's canon. One of the most beloved extensions of that thus far has been Star Trek: Picard, which tells the latter stories of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). The series' first season, which debuted last year, ended with a pretty major bombshell regarding Picard — that he's actually in an android body. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Star Trek universe producer Akiva Goldsman addressed how that bombshell will factor into Season 2, and revealed that it will actually won't be lingered on that much.

"It doesn't. We did fundamentally try to address that at the end of 10," Goldsman explained. "He's not Super Picard. We reset this congenital problem he lived with since Next Gen and gave him the opportunity for rebirth, but it's nothing more than a record as he might have been where he not here."

Interesting, this is diametrically opposed to comments that Stewart made shortly after the Season 1 finale, when he argued that the android body will be further explored in the sophomore season.

"Brilliantly and wonderfully they were able to perform surgery on me in such a way that I survived and came back," Stewart said of the season's ending in an interview with Gold Derby. "But, now with an artificial life inside me – not a subservient cruel one like the Borg, but we shall see. We don't know how Picard is going to live with this new condition which has become part of his life, which is going to extend his life."

"There are startling events predicted in season two," Stewart continued. "I am so excited about them because it is taking season one on from where we were. We are not going to be covering the same ground. It is going to be extraordinary. I am very excited about it. Of course, I can't go into detail at all. I have a long conference planned for tomorrow where I hope for certain aspects of how season two will develop, and I'm looking forward to it very much."


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Star Trek: Picard Season Two debuts on Paramount+ in 2022. Star Trek: Picard Season One is now streaming on Paramount+.