Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Wraps Production

While its first season finale is still to air on Thursday, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has already wrapped filming on its second season. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds began production on its second season in February, with shooting underway when news broke that Paul Wesley was cast James T. Kirk, famously the lead of the original Star Trek series, in the coming season. Filming has now wrapped on the series' sophomore outing. Multiple creatives working on the show announced the news via Twitter. Director and producer Chris Fisher was the first, taking to Twitter with a thankful message to fans:

"That's a wrap on Season 2 of #StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds !" he tweeted (via Trek Movie) "Thanks to the very best cast, crew, writers, directors, city of Toronto, and Canada for all your love and support!    And most of all thanks to the amazing fans and all those who share our collective goal #toboldlygo."

Writer and producer Bill Wolkoff celebrated from the engine room aboard the Enterprise. That would be the set with the VR wall in the background, used throughout the show. 

"Production on s2 has wrapped!" he tweeted. "The @Pixomondo artists made virtual fireworks for our last day at the AR wall. Probably smart, less chance of burning down the sets. #StrangeNewWorlds"

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds star Christina Chong, who plays security officer Li'an Noonien-Singh, spoke to earlier this season. She teased an even bigger and better second season. "We are almost done with season two. We've got a couple more episodes to do, and what I will say is that if you loved season one, the writers got the license to just take it even further and even more epic," Chong said. "So it takes it to a whole new level of exciting fun, and I've had a lot of fun this season."

"Four years ago, we made a promise to grow Star Trek into something it had never been before, and thanks to the incredibly hard work done by our many talented showrunners, writers, and directors, along with the extraordinary support of CBS Studios and Paramount+, we're keeping our word," said Alex Kurtzman, architect and executive producer of the Star Trek franchise, in a press release announcing Strange New Worlds' renewal. "Now our current shows are set up for the future as we work to build Trek's next phase of programming for years to come."

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' first season finale premieres this Thursday on Paramount+. The rest of the season is streaming now on Paramount+.