The Classic 'Transformers' Vinyl Soundtrack is Ready to Roll Out


We are living in a golden age of vinyl soundtracks my friends. Movies, video games, and tv shows from all eras have been getting the treatment lately, and the latest release is based on the beloved Transformers cartoon series from the ‘80s.

The Transformers Classic Soundtrack Vinyl LP includes 40 tracks from the cartoon on Bumblebee-themed yellow and black pressed vinyl. You can add the release to your collection right here for $29.99. Additional details and a complete track list are available below.

Product Specifications:

• Transformers Classic Soundtrack - BumbleBee Vinyl LP
• Officially-licensed Transformers merchandise
• Original television series score by Robert J. Walsh and Johnny Douglas
• Yellow and black pressed vinyl in tribute to Bumblebee
• 40 classic tracks from the cartoon
• Almost 45 minutes of time travel back to the 80s
• Gatefold cover lists episode source of each piece

Side A
• Opening theme song
• Life
• Cybertron Sorrow
• The Bridge to Iacon
• Unwelcoming Committee
• Prepare
• Attack! Attack!
• Decepticon Drama
• Explore! Repair!
• Facing Disaster
• Ominous Discovery
• Elements of Danger
• Something's Wrong
• Overcoming the Unstoppable
• No More Worries
• Unyielding
• Heavy Mettle
• Man and Machine
• Matters and Antimatters
• Battle Fearlessly
• Ancient Legends
• The March of War

Side B
• Roll for Home
• The Glimmer of Hope
• Earth to Cybertron
• Into the Jaws of Death
• Doomed Together
• The Wrong Readings Mean the Right Doom
• Transformers Medley
• Mad Planet
• Conflict on Cassette
• Pastoral Tranquility
• From the Secret Files of Teletraan II
• Separation Anxiety
• Synthesized Magic
• Sinister
• Uneasy Advances
• Epic Struggles
• Mysterious Airs
• Waking Nightmare


Speaking of nostalgic vinyl releases, Spacelab9 has created a special Namco Museum Greatest Hits vinyl LP exclusive for ThinkGeek that’s limited to only 2000 copies. It contains 19 tracks that will transport you to those summer afternoons you spent at the local arcade with a pocket full of quarters.

You can grab one of those 2000 copies right here for $34.99 while they last. The recording includes gameplay sounds and music from Bosconian, Dig Dug, Dragon Buster, Galaga, Gaplus, Mappy, New Rally X, Pac-Man, The Return of Ishtar, Rolling Thunder, Sky Kid, Splatterhouse, Tower of Druaga, and Xevious. Plus, the “Pixel Explosion” colored vinyl comes packaged in a die-cut jacket with a sweet Pac-Man-themed sleeve.

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