Watch: Ronda Rousey Continues to Attack Becky Lynch After WWE Raw Ended

Ronda Rousey wasn't finished beating up Becky Lynch on Monday Night Raw this week, even after the cameras stopped rolling.

WWE's YouTube channel uploaded a video of Rousey continuing to bash Lynch with punches and lock in another armbar after the show was over.

The former UFC Champion seems to already be enjoying her heel turn, as she taunted Lynch by yelling out "You gonna tweet about it?!" in reference to Lynch's antagonizing social media tactics.

Raw's final segment this week saw Stephanie McMahon book Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch for Fastlane. The bout was initially going to be for the Raw Women's Championship, but McMahon handed the title back to Rousey when she arrived in the arena. McMahon then changed the stipulation of the match, saying that Lynch would be inserted into the WrestleMania 35 title match if she managed to beat Flair.

Rousey then cut a promo saying she was done trying to please the fans, and turned heel by immediately attacking both Flair and Lynch. Flair was quick to leave the ring, leaving Lynch to take most of the beating.

"The Baddest Woman on the Planet" teased a heel turn over the weekend in her back-and-forth interaction with Lynch on Twitter. At one point Rousey pointed out that Lynch's Disarmer finisher looked fake, prompting Lynch to photoshop Rousey's husband Travis Browne into a photo of her finisher and say it looked like "a dick." This set Rousey off.

"Rebecca Quin (Lynch's real name), I don't care what the script says, I'm beating the living shit out of you the next time I see you," Rousey wrote.

It would appear she wasn't kidding.

In a recent episode of her YouTube series Ronda on the Road, Rousey gave some insight into her relationship with the company.

"The thing is, I love this job," Rousey said. "I really love this job. But I don't need it at all. Not in the least little bit."


"So the second I'm not happy, I reserve the right to walk out the door and live happily ever after with the love of my life," she continued.

Rousey made her WWE debut at the 2018 Royal Rumble and competed in her first match alongside Kurt Angle in a mixed tag match against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 34. She's been the Raw Women's Champion since SummerSlam.