Alexa Bliss Admits Body Shaming Storyline with Nia Jax was Uncomfortable

When it comes to talent on the microphone, few in WWE can rival Alexa Bliss.Bliss is so good and [...]

When it comes to talent on the microphone, few in WWE can rival Alexa Bliss.

Bliss is so good and realistic on the mic that her WrestleMania storyline with Nia Jax hit some raw nerves, not just with the fans, but with Bliss and Jax themselves.

Bliss recently spoke with AM 790 in Miami about the storyline and who's idea certain parts of it were. She acknowledged that both she and Jax were very much on board with the story, though it was awkward at times due to the fact that both of them are so anti-body shaming in real life and all about body positivity. Because of that, the end result (Nia getting revenge) was important to both of them.

"We had the body shaming storyline and that was very rough because we are both very passionate about body positivity," Bliss said. "But we had to make the storyline mean something because that is a real issue in the world. It hurt me calling her 'Shrek going through the airport' and stuff like that because she's my best friend."

"It's just one of those things where you have to bring realism to certain issues and we were both in agreement that we wanted to put those digs in there because we wanted the storyline to mean something because we're both so passionate about body positivity and portraying that story.

"On that rivalry, we were both very much a part of that, we were in the creative process," Bliss said. "[Jax] wanted me to go there."

Bliss was the perfect character to play the bully in the situation given her microphone ability and how good of a heel she has been on WWE television now for almost two years. The hosts ask her, though, if she's ever thought about a run as a babyface.

"I don't know, I've thought about [turning babyface]," Bliss admitted. "But then I was like, 'how am I gonna throw a temper tantrum when I'm a good guy?' Then I'm like, 'I'll make it work.'"

Bliss was originally a babyface during her tenure in NXT as perky cheerleader type. However, her heel turn and pairing with Blake and Murphy is what allowed her to really shine. She parlayed that success right into her main roster run where she's been one of the top stars in the company since the WWE Draft and roster split in 2016.