Daniel Bryan Promises to Make Big Change to WWE Championship Belt

Daniel Bryan is taking his new character to the next level and the WWE Championship belt is about to be a casualty.

Since his heel turn a few weeks back, Bryan has played up a character that lectures the audience about the damage to the environment that they have been responsible for. Whether it is climate change, plastics, or just overall wastefulness, Bryan has played-up the story perfectly and it has been entertaining to watch. Bryan detests consumerism and has used this to get the crowd to universally boo him just weeks after he was one of the most popular stars on the roster.

The entire story really has been a textbook lesson in how to get heel heat and Bryan appears to be having the time of his life in doing so.

Now, Bryan is promising to make some changes to the WWE Championship belt, which of course has always consisted of gold plates on leather. Bryan will change out the strap of leather for something else.

During the WWE TLC preview show, Bryan explained his rationale.

"I am going to take this leather strap that was made from a skinned cow, that I like to name Daisy, and I am going to replace it with something sustainable," Bryan said.

He also vowed that he will not wear his new t-shirt (consumerism, of course) and will continue referring to the Yes Lock by its original name, the LeBell Lock, since the Yes Movement is now deceased.

You can watch the video below.


Bryan said the change was coming if he retained the WWE Championship at TLC against AJ Styles, which he did. Tuesday night during SmackDown, Bryan took part in a tag team match and also was pictured wearing the belt backstage during Shane McMahon's opening segment addressing the SmackDown locker room.

Even though the change wasn't made this week to the WWE title belt, we would assume it is coming very soon. Maybe even in two weeks time on New Year's Day. That show will be taped Saturday, December 28th in Pittsburgh.