Kofi Kingston's New Day Teammates Can Put Him Into WrestleMania Title Match

After some very good social media posts in the previous few days where members of The New Day [...]

After some very good social media posts in the previous few days where members of The New Day teased they would be walking away from the WWE following the fall-out from last week's SmackDown Live, all three members of the team opened WWE SmackDown this week in the center of the ring with microphone in hand.

The segment started off like a farewell speech, with Xavier Woods talked about how Kofi Kingston has been mistreated for 11 years. Big E said that Kofi exudes "P.O.P. - the power of positivity." They said that while they've thought about leaving the company, in the end they need some answers before they can make that decision. Woods called out Vince McMahon and said they had no problem waiting in the ring until he finally came out.

McMahon came out, but just as he was about to begin talking, he was interrupted by WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Bryan told Vince to let The New Day quit if they want to, calling them a "stale novelty act" that he said Vince created. He said that Vince was right that the group are "B plus players" and the crowd is wrong.

Woods came back saying that Bryan is scared to face Kingston at WrestleMania. Before they could argue too much, Vince McMahon interrupted both. He said there's no way The New Day are going to quit, that it's not in their instinct and they never were going to. He called it a psychological situation trying to get people to buy into it.

Vince then said that Kingston is and will always be a B-plus player in his mind. He said the only question left is if Big E and Xavier are a B-plus tag team. He asked them if they can put Daniel Bryan in the WrestleMania title match at WrestleMania? Vince said if Big E and Xavier Woods can win a tag team gauntlet match this evening on SmackDown, Kofi is in the WWE title match for WrestleMania.