Report: NXT to Get New Championship Belts at Tonight's Takeover

nxt belt

NXT is finally getting some new championship belts. William Regal announced that the WWE will unveil the new belts at tonight's NXT Takeover, a PPV-like event that will feature championship matches for all three of NXT's titles. Multiple fans on Twitter have posted about the announcement, although the WWE has yet to make any official news release on their website.

NXT has used the same belts since unveiling the championship titles in 2012 and 2013. The original NXT Championship replaced the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship after NXT became the WWE's official developmental division. Seth Rollins won the original NXT Championship in 2012 by beating Jinder Mahal. Neville was one half of the first NXT Tag Team Championship team, while Paige was the inaugural NXT Women's Championship.

These likely will just be updated belts, similar to the recently updated RAW Tag Team Championships. The WWE has a history of periodically updating their championship belts, including the prestigious WWE Championship. The NXT Women's Championship was probably the most outdated of the titles, with a smaller "sparkly" belt design that fell out of fashion when the WWE started pushing the women's division in 2015. The WWE phased out its Divas Championship (which featured a much mocked butterfly design) for a new Women's Championship that was designed to look like the men's WWE Heavyweight Championship belt.

While no details were given about the new belts, they will likely include custom sideplates, a recent feature for all the WWE's biggest championships.


Keep an eye out for the official designs later today, and be sure to watch NXT Takeover tonight at 8 PM EDT.