Renee Young Reveals Vince McMahon's Advice During Raw Commentary Debut

Renee Young's guest spot on Raw's commentary team was not just a first for the 32-year old but for [...]

Renee Young's guest spot on Raw's commentary team was not just a first for the 32-year old but for all women in WWE. While making history is nice, Young still had to perform for three hours with the notoriously fickle Vince McMahon in her ear.

So how did McMahon treat the first timer? Young dished on her mid-Raw notes from the WWE boss after the show closed.

"He only spoke to me once — just once," Young said. "I'm sure he was, kind of like, letting me get away with a few things tonight. Yeah, he told me to slow down on a couple spots but that was it. Geez, if that's the only note I get from him tonight, hallelujah! I'll take it."

Not only did Young's career enjoy a massive night, but her debut in Raw's booth saw the jubilant return of her husband, Dean Ambrose, to WWE action after missing all of 2018 so far.

"The fact that I announced Monday Night RAW tonight and it was the return of my husband [Dean Ambrose] who has not been in the ring for nine months, seeing his recovery and all of the obstacles he had to go through to get back to being in the right…I had goosebumps the entire time. It was so exciting," wrote Young on Twitter.

Young's presence was well received by anyone with a twitter account. Most fans will eagerly tell you how stale Raw's commentary can feel at times, so anyone who is coherent is a welcome break in monotony However in Young's case she was fantastic. While it was just one night, it's not hard to imagine her becoming a fixture on WWE commentary.

Long-time WWE announcer Michael Cole sent out a tweet praising Young's efforts on the final Raw before SummerSlam.

"Words can not express how proud I am of @ReneeYoungWWE. What she accomplished last night is no easy feat. That chair is a tough one to sit in. She brought poise, professionalism, a refreshing view. Renee and @WWEGraves were a great team. Thanks for helping me feel young again," he wrote.

Triple H also chimed in on Young's big night:

"Her passion and dedication have gotten her to this historic moment .... tonight @ReneeYoungWWE becomes the first woman to ever call an entire episode of Monday Night #Raw. Congratulations! #WellDeserved," he wrote.

WWE has experienced a fair amount of turnover in recent years regarding their announce teams. Corey Graves has emerged as someone who can help push WWE forward in the future and Renee Young may have just entered a similar discussion.