Sami Zayn Is Being Terrorized by WWE Fans After Johnny Knoxville Leaks His Phone Number

Johnny Knoxville got the better of Sami Zayn once again this week after giving out his phone number to the public. The latest spat between the two started when Zayn managed to get ahold of Knoxville's phone number and started hitting with numerous texts. Knoxville responded by having Zayn's number of the back of a plane banner, videos of which then spread like wildfire on social media. As a result, Zayn has been hit by thousands of texts and numerous calls from fans, all the whiling tweeting about how much he hates the situation he now finds himself in. 

Zayn and Knoxville will have a match at WrestleMania 38 coming up at the start of April and have been feuding ever since Knoxville first announced he would be entering the Royal Rumble back in January. 

Zayn has been cleverly using Twitter to keep his feud with Knoxville rolling for months. He even went on a long monologue prior to the Rumble explaining why he hates Knoxville so much.

"Since he wanted to enter my world, I decided I would show him up at his own game and put on a show that would rival [Jackass]. This is how 'Inzayn' came about. In the debut episode, I was going to shock the world by jumping over the ring in a shopping cart. Sadly, this didn't end up taking place," he added. "Mainly because the stagehands I hired to orchestrate the stunt were also contracted by @WWE and they neglected my specifications to make the stunt safe. My personal opinion is this was no accident (conspiracy). I could have been badly hurt."

Zayn continued — "I decided episode 2 of 'Inzayn' would depend on no one but myself. To prove I was tougher/crazier than Johnny Knoxville, I'd do what he once did & do it better. I'd test dangerous self defense weapons on myself. It was painful, but went first. I pulled out all the stops. I even shocked myself with the Livestock Jolt 3000 straight to the heart and was able to shake it off. I am really tough [it] turns out. Like, tougher than I even realized. That's when Knoxville showed up & made the RIDICULOUS claim that the cattle prod wasn't even turned on. Now Johnny Knoxville thinks he's a tough guy, but everyone is a tough guy when they're holding the Livestock Jolt 3000. So that's when it happened. All the while, I'm #1 contender to MY Intercontinental Championship! But Shinsuke Nakamura is ducking me, Johnny Knoxville is deranged & obsessed with me, and @WWE management has ignored all my messages. So I can't wait for the #RoyalRumble. this Saturday. Revenge will be mine.