The Revival Wants a Match With New IWGP Tag Team Champions Juice Robinson and David Finlay

Juice Robinson and David Finlay, known in New Japan as FinJuice, won the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships on at Wrestle Kingdom 14 Friday night for the first time in their respective careers. After seeing his son take down both Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa to win the titles, former WWE Superstar and backstage producer Fit Finlay celebrated the win on social media, but it caused a stir from current WWE tag team The Revival.

Finlay seemed to get a kick out of the response.

While Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder still pop up on WWE television every week, the pair still haven't signed new WWE contracts and both of their deals are set to expire in the coming months. Given their hard-hitting style, the pair would fit right in with New Japan if they decided to make the jump.

In the meantime, the pair have been hard at work trying to get a match with WWE Hall of Fame tag team Harlem Heat. The beef started when the pair interrupted Booker T during the TLC kickoff show.

"After we prove you wrong and beat New Day for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships — no don't speak! You've had hours to speak, this is our time. I say after we win it for the fourth time, why don't you step up. Why don't you go get your better half, the one we respect, go get Stevie Ray —," Dawson said.

"We'll beat the respect out of you," Wilder added.

The two came up short against New Day later that evening in a ladder match, but have continued to pester Booker on social media. The former WCW Champion gave the match a glimmer of hope on the latest WWE Backstage.

"You know what? Me and my big brother, we talking about it," Booker said. "I got one left in me. One. Dawson. Wilder. Don't get jacked up, sucka!


Then on the latest episode of his podcast, Booker put the decision in WWE's hands.

"I have not gotten my invitation yet, and the thing is, if they don't tell me in the next week, I ain't doing it," Booker said. "They're on the clock. So I'm putting this out there right now. If they don't let me know within the next seven days, don't call, because I'm gonna stop training after that."