Watch: Bray Wyatt Signs Royal Rumble Contract In Blood

Two nights before the Royal Rumble in Houston, Daniel Bryan and "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt made their Universal Championship Strap Match official.

During the main event segment of SmackDown, Bryan made his way out to the ring first (wearing his brand new, eco friendly t-shirt). Wyatt then appeared from the Firefly Funhouse backstage and began to bicker with Bryan across video feeds, with Bryan calling him crazy and Wyatt taking offense.

Eventually, Wyatt said Bryan would be facing "him" on Sunday, so it was only appropriate for "him" to sign the contract. The lights in the arena went out, and when they came back on, "The Fiend" was standing in the ring across from Bryan.


A brawl quickly ensued and Wyatt took advantage. He tore off Bryan's t-shirt and whipped him over and over again in the back with the strap.

Wyatt then made his way to the table in the ring, laughed maniacally, and stabbed the pen into his hand. He then took his hand and wiped it across the contract. When the lights came on, it was revealed that the contract was covered in blood.