Rey Mysterio Reportedly Considering WrestleMania Retirement Match

A new reports suggests that one of wrestling's biggest stars of the last 20 years could be preparing for a retirement match at this year's WrestleMania.

During a recent episode of the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast, Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue reported that there have been rumblings that Rey Mysterio could be looking to retire following this year's biggest show of the year in Tampa, Florida.

There's talk that Mysterio's recent feud with Andrade and comments regarding his unmasking could be a hint at the future. Mysterio would reportedly consider unmasking during his retirement match. Of course, long time wrestling fans will remember that Mysterio wrestled for some time in WCW during the late 1990s without his mask.

"The finish with the mask is very telling because as we know masks are very important in that culture but as part of wrestling, you always go out on your back and masks being taken off is certainly a way to do that. So this could be leading towards that but it’s also sure that Rey Mysterio is wrapping up. I don’t think we are far off seeing a retirement angle coming to play.

"I’m starting to hear that WrestleMania may be his last hurrah but I think he definitely wants to see Dominick wrestle either alongside him or be in his corner for a match before he goes. We spoke about contracts and what convinces people to sign on. Rey Mysterio was wrestling for New Japan, he was too expensive for the WWE, clearly, they managed to convince him somehow and it’s very telling that we have seen a lot of Dominick ever since," Colohue said.


At this point, we would consider this a rumor rather than a strong news report, and as always, things can change in the world of pro wrestling. Colohue has been accurate with backstage reporting in the past. This is likely a fluid situation with Mysterio having not decided one way or the other as of yet.

WWE has experimented with several stars over the years in trying to book someone to be the next generation star for the Latino community, which has long been a major market for WWE. At one point, Alberto Del Rio was selected for the role. It looks like as of now, Andrade could be passed the torch by Mysterio at some point.