Big Cass Kicked out of Independent Wrestling Event After Getting Punched by WWE Producer Pat Buck

Former WWE Superstar Big Cass reportedly found himself in the middle of a physical altercation on [...]

Former WWE Superstar Big Cass reportedly found himself in the middle of a physical altercation on Saturday night at the WrestlePro event in Rahway, New Jersey, and wound up being removed from the venue by the police and taken to a local hospital.

According to both Voices of Wrestling and PWInsider, Cass was acting "aggressive and erratic" backstage throughout the show and wound up threatening to fight AEW star Joey Janela (which reportedly was over Janela's altercation with Enzo Amore at a Blink-182 concert several months back, though Janela and Cass had worked a separate show the night before and had no issues then).

After that conflict was diffused, Cass began going around the locker room accusing the other wrestlers of stealing his belongings. Eventually he confronted Pat Buck, who is now a WWE producer and was being given a sendoff at the event, and spat in his face. Buck reportedly responded by knocking Cass off his feet with a single punch. Cass was apprehended by a group of wrestlers and was escorted out of the building by local police.

PWInsider's report went on to say that Cass was kept outside of the venue for the rest of the show. At one point he "began loudly making remarks about himself" which led to the police calling an ambulance to take him to a local hospital.

During his recent run on the independent scene, Cass discussed battling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and alcoholism during and after his time in WWE. By all indications he had been making progress in recent months, to the point where he claimed to be in talks with WWE about a return without Amore.

"Yes, [WWE and I] have been in contact. I talk to them," Cass said in an interview with Wrestling Inc. "Who know what will happen? I could get a call tomorrow, so I've been in contact with them and we chat on a regular basis. But nothing is concrete yet, so we'll see what happens."

Back in late August reports popped up that WWE was looking to bring both Cass and and Amore back to be top stars on NXT. Both WWE officials and Triple H were quick to shoot the rumors down, and Cass said in the same interview there was no truth behind them.

"I don't know who put it out there," he said. "I don't know what reason they put it out there for but maybe to gauge things, but I can guarantee you this - despite what Triple H said, Enzo didn't put it out there, I didn't put it out there. We had no idea where it came from."