Kushida Violently Submits Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver 31

For the first time since arriving in WWE, Japanese star Kushida picked up his first TakeOver victory by defeating Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver 31. Dream arrived for the match dressed as Doc Brown from Back to the Future, mocking Kushida's usual ring gear. The former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion responded by attacking Dream during his entrance, then spent the duration of the match working over Dream's arms.

"The Time Splitter" kicked things into high gear by repeatedly driving Dream's left shoulder into the ring posts. Dream hit a superkick out of desperation and attempted a Purple Rainmaker, only to get caught in an armbar. Dream escaped (with a thumb to the eye, nailed a powerbomb and went for the pin only to get trapped in another armbar. The former champ hit Dream Valley Driver, followed by the Purple Rainmaker but his injured arm delayed him from making the cover.

Dream tried for his finisher a third time, but Kushida met him on the top rope and applied the Hover Board lock. After trying to escape the hold for nearly a minute, Kushida endured a DVD to keep the hold on and forced the submission.

Once the bell rang, Kushida reapplied the armbar to continue to damage Dream's shoulder. A group of referees ran out to calm him down, but the Japanese star locked it in a third time before stomping his way to the back.