Watch: Keith Lee and Braun Strowman Destroy Each Other After Their WWE Raw Match Gets Thrown Out

Braun Strowman appeared on Monday Night Raw this week stating that, since Raw Underground wasn't happening, he still wanted to have a match. Adam Pearce told "The Monster Among Men" that since he wasn't a member of the Raw roster all he could offer was an exhibition match, which was later accepted by Keith Lee. The battle of the behemoths only lasted a couple of minutes before the referee called for a count-out, which only enraged Strowman.

He then charged headfirst at Lee and drove through the barricade, causing the whole section to collapse. Samoa Joe was quick to point out that had there been fans in the stands like a normal event, they would've been wiped out.


Lee stood up before Strowman could make his way up the entrance ramp, prompting the fight to continue. The former NXT Champion responded by tossing Strowman into the LED screen. He then tackled Strowman off the entrance stage, causing the two to fall into the equipment below.