WWE Announces Release of Jack Gallagher

WWE has just announced the release of Jack Gallagher from the roster, though the only detail [...]

WWE has just announced the release of Jack Gallagher from the roster, though the only detail they've actually revealed is that he's been released from his contract. No other details were given, but his release could be because of recent allegations against him, which surfaced over the past day or so. Those allegations say that Gallagher tried to sexually assault a woman named Becky at a party, which was after he attempted to get her drunk by pouring liquor in her glass when she wasn't looking and putting the glass up to her mouth and telling her to drink. You can read her statement below.

"I never thought this is something I would say publicly, but I want others to know that they never need to be ashamed and should feel like they can tell their stories. On New Years Eve of 2014 I attended a house party, and Jack Gallagher (Gentleman Jack) was there. Jack got me drunk. While I acknowledge that I am an adult and can make my own decisions, he was literally pouring straight spirits into my glass, putting it to my mouth and telling me to drink. When I would make myself a drink he would add more alcohol when my glass was unattended. I thought I was in a safe environment and didn't need to shield my glass. Jack asked me to sit on his lap, I said no. He then sat on my lap, and made advances. The entire time I expressed that I was uncomfortable, but I also didn't want to make a scene. In hindsight I should have."

"At the end of the evening I went to the bathroom, and Jack barged into the room. I immediately stood up and tried to pull my skirt down. Jack grabbed me, and he pulled at my skirt. He pulled so hard he ripped my skirt. I managed to push him away and I left the room, I then immediately left the party. I spent years afterwards downplaying the story, trying to not cause any issues. I'm not going to be silent any longer."

Gallagher hasn't publicly commented on the allegations as of yet, and neither has WWE other than his release.