WWE Report Says Triple H Has Grown Behind Idea of Judgement Day and Teases Future of the Group

WWE just revealed that Judgement Day's Finn Balor is getting a shot at Seth Rollins' United States Championship on next week's Monday Night Raw, and the group is also coming off of a stellar showing at Extreme Rules, so it would be safe to say that things are going well for the fan favorite group. A new report from WrestleVotes (via GiveMeSport) says that when the initial shift in WWE occurred, Triple H "wasn't really cool" with Judgement Day, though not on a persona level, just the idea itself. It seems that's changed though, with the report saying "since he's grown behind it", adding that they think the group is going to be "around for longer than anticipated."

The full quote from WrestleVotes reads "I know back in late July or early August, whenever this whole shift happened, from what I was told Hunter wasn't really cool with Judgement Day. Not personally, but he just didn't like the idea. But since he's grown behind it, and I think that they're going to be around for longer than anticipated."

In a recent interview with CBS Sports' Shakiel Mahjouri, Balor talked a bit about the change under Triple H and how it's opened up opportunities to exchange ideas and move forward in a particular direction more quickly.

"Certainly the availability to exchange ideas and compromise and come to an agreement on something or just get a face-to-face explanation of what the direction is," Balor said. "The way things were set up before, there were many layers of management. Sometimes it was very hard to get a straight answer or, at least, a straight answer in a short time, which is needed for live television."

"But I feel like now the channels of communication are a lot more direct for everyone. I feel like that has certainly helped people stress less about the direction and focus more on executing the ideas as opposed to the ping-pong back and forth that was between all the different layers of management and creative writers, and writers and writers' assistants, and writers' assistants' assistants' assistants," Balor said,

Balor also addressed Dominik Mysterio's evolution as part of Judgement Day, saying "He's a young guy in a cutthroat industry that probably has a lot of people jealous of him, given the fact that his opportunity was maybe rushed due to who his father was. He has adapted and overcome and fitted into that role in the tag team with his father. Just as he's getting comfortable in that role, he then has to completely change direction and adapt and fit into a new role. I feel like he's far exceeded anyone's expectations already, not only as a babyface but as a heel. He's really touched the heartstrings of people that truly seem to dislike him right now, which is the hardest thing to achieve being a heel character. He's got a huge future ahead of him. He has an incredible amount of potential and, obviously, his family lineage speaks for itself. I have no doubt that in the future he will step out and exceed his father's shadow."

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