WWE Reportedly Signs Former AEW Standout Ben Carter

WWE is always trying to bolster their roster, and it appears that they've made yet another big signing. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer is reporting that Ben Carter has signed with WWE, and while the rumors have been swirling for a minute now, the deal is evidently now officially done. Carter has been making waves in other promotions recently, including standout performances in both AEW and Impact, and many assumed he would eventually sign with AEW. WWE made a big play for him, however, which included a big push from NXT UK, and one of those seems to have worked because Carter is now in the fold.

NXT UK makes a lot of sense actually if that's where he starts out. Carter is native to the UK, and since WWE recently started up the brand again after a hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, it could use the added attention that Carter's signing would bring.

Many also took Carter's October 16th video as a tease of his signing, as he mentions in the video that he was planning on becoming a wrestler for WWE. The rumors increased when Miro hinted that Carter had signed with WWE on Twitch.

Miro said "We lost Ben Carter. Ben Carter is lost, he's gone to the dark side, so... I mean, good luck to Ben Carter, all the best to him, I was really impressed with his stuff."

The report does not specify where Carter will be heading, so it could be NXT in the states or Raw or SmackDown, but NXT UK is the most likely destination.


Carter started gaining buzz after a stellar match against Scorpio Sky on AEW Late Night Dynamite, and then kept the buzz going when he wrestled Chris Sabin on IMPACT Xplosion. Now it seems he's with WWE, and we're interested to see what happens next.

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