Cyber Pop Star Hatsune Miku To Appear On The Late Show With David Letterman

Cyber pop star Hatsune Miku will perform live on The Late Show with David Letterman on October 8, through the use of cutting-edge projection technology.

The performance comes during the "Hatsune Miku Expo," a worldwide event begun in Indonesia earlier this year that will bring the cyber-celebrity to Los Angeles and New York City this October. 

The Hatsune Miku 3D live show is a new form of entertainment. The 3D live show features a live band along with the projected virtual singer, who thanks to groundbreaking technology is made to appear as if she was actually on stage, performing popular songs issued from the community.

Hatsune Miku has performed in front of an estimated 85,000 people and in the spring of 2014, was chosen as Lady Gaga's opening act on her North American Art Pop tour. Take a look at the live show here:

Hatsune Miku began as an avatar music software designed to give creators the ability to produce original music with her synthesized voice. Hatsune Miku initiated a worldwide open forum gathering thousands of songs - 110,000+ released to date attracting over 88 million hits on YouTube and two Top 10 Singles - plus thousands of illustrations and videos featuring her character.

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    • Anoki
    • 25 Posts in 31 Months

    Very reminicent of the live performances done by the Gorillaz a few years ago. Though, clearly the technology has advanced since then!

  1. Actually Miku has been known in the US for a couple years now. Even before Attack on Titan. She even performed in LA in 2011

  2. except Miku was already a pop culture icon way before Attack on Titan and Pacific Rim were even fanthomed.

    • GKage
    • 1 Posts in 27 Months

    Well this was a thing long before the Attack on Titan source material. And Pacfic Rim isn't really a cult hit. It (1) did very poorly domestically and (2) has be recognized very much. Black Swan is more recognized than Pacific Rim, and it is base off an anime. Godzilla is making lots of money, because evryone knows about Godzilla. That's more of a cult hit.

  3. Wait so is Pacific Rim based off of Neon Genisis Evangelion?

    If so, I KNEW IT! Damn Idiots Couldn't Come Up With Something Original!?

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