Fantastic Four Comic Cancellation Not Related To The Movie According To Disney & Fox Executives

Fantastic Four Movie

An ongoing rumor in the comic book world has been that Marvel Comics is cancelling the Fantastic Four comic book as a company directive not to support the properties for which Twentieth Century Fox owns the movie rights.

In an executive roundtable earlir this week with The Hollywood Reporter, Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn and Fox Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos addressed the Fantastic Four comic cancellation and whether it had anything to do with Fox’s Fantastic Four movie.

While there have been several stories to spin out of the executive roundtable, most were things that The Hollywood Reporter highlighted in their write-up on the roundtable. However, the Fantastic Four part was only in the lengthy hour long video and not included in The Hollywood Reporter’s write-up, so it appears to have flown under the radar.

When Fox’s Gianopulos was asked during the roundtable if he felt Marvel Comics pulling the Fantastic Four comic was an attempt by Disney’s Marvel to strangle Fox’s Marvel, Gianopulos said, “No, I don’t think so. I don’t know how that decision came about. The comic was not a huge seller. The Fantastic Four is a very established group of characters, and the film is awesome. Yeah, I think…I don’t know how that played into their decision, but it wasn’t…the book wasn’t selling as well as others.” Gianopulos also reiterated that it didn’t matter from their perspective.

After Gianopolus finished talking, Disney’s Horn chimed in, “Fully independent decision, by the way, I didn’t even know about it. I mean, honestly, we don’t even [shrugs his shoulders].”

Fantastic Four is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on August 7, 2015.

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  1. The one and only way for Horn to finish that "We don't even [shrugs]..." is "...give a damn about the comics, because we're a movie company."

    Which explains a lot of the Big Two's output.

  2. Well this is MOVIE business... Jesus stop crying as long as Marvel themselves care then all Is good. 

  3. Anonymous9463 said ... (original post)

    as long as Marvel themselves care 

    I'm just going to let you sit with that one.

  4. well this just goes to show you.

    cant trust the new marvel.

    just another reason i ONLY buy dc and image comics

    all they've done is fuck up comics since they launched their "cinematic universe".  

    way to pay back one of the companies that took a few properties off your hands when you needed the money to get out of bankruptcy marvel.

    killing off a stan lee / jack kirby comic.  now i really have seen everything.

    fuck you marvel

  5. Everyone worships Marvel, and yes, their movies are great, but they've essentially screwed over the comic audience that built them for the sake of making a few more hours of film and more money. Their comics have essentially become a business move for getting rights back occasionally, and often just an afterthought from the films it seems.And, finally, someone that sees sense. Marvel fans hate Fox and Sony, and Marvel themselves act really childish, but seriously, is the fact they would be BANKRUPT without these guys and Marvel wouldn't even exist just ignored? 

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