Star Trek 3 Gets Fast & Furious Director Lin

star-trek 2009 crewFast & Furious 6 director Justin Lin will take on directorial duties for Star Trek 3 following the recent departure of Roberto Orci, Deadline reports.

Lin, who is generally credited with salvaging the floundering Fast & Furious franchise and turning it into one of the biggest box-office draws in Hollywood, directed four of those films and has become one of the most sought-after big-franchise directors in the industry, attached to Universal's The Wolf Man and an untitled Bourne Identity sequel, the fate of which is uncertain following the recent revelation that star Matt Damon and filmmaker Paul Greengrass will return to the series.

He's also directed episodes of Sony's acclaimed sitcom Community and HBO's award-winning True Detective.

Deadline says that while Paramount's Star Trek wish list featured a number of high-profile names, Lin was the only one actually offered a job. Fan-favorite candidate Jonathan Frakes, who starred in Star Trek: The  Next Generation, was reportedly not on the shortlist.

Early reports indicated that Shaun of the Dead's Edgar Wright was a candidate for the gig, but he wasn't on the official shortlist either, reportedly having rejected the offer out of hand when he learned the nature of Orci's departure.

Recently, it was revealed that Orci -- who will stay on as a producer -- exited as director when the studio wanted a fairly major tonal change to make Star Trek 3 feel more like Guardians of the Galaxy.

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    • DSniner
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    Oh well.I guess it was wishful thinking to have Jonathon Frakes or Nicholas Meyer direct.

    Hopefully Justin Lin will bring a different energy to the film franchise.

  1. NOOOOOO fast and furious in galaxy 

    that tragedy...

  2. I had hope that they'd get someone wiht alittle more geek cred, I don't hink this guy is a good fit. I guess we'll see. 

  3. Sorry, I think I flagged your comment by accident. 

  4. If they turn Star Trek into a space comedy, I will be supremely pissed. The show always had a little bit of humor sure, but not the laughing falling out of your seat kind of humor. 

    I know the first two are an Alternate Reality but still not that much has changed I mean seriously. If they turn Star Trek 3 into a Guardians of the Galaxies kind of movie I will never see it, no matter how much of a Trekkie I am.

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