Stan Lee Picks His Side For Captain America: Civil War

At the Edmonton Comic Expo, a fan asked Stan "The Man" Lee about Captain America: Civil War, and whose side he comes down on. Stan replied with his signature combination of a little sincerity and a little silliness.

"Whatever side Captain America was on, because he's the best, pure-hearted person in the whole world," Lee began when a young fan asked him which side he supported in the battle. "By the way, he's a great actor, too, the guy who plays Captain America does a beautiful job - Chris Evans," he continued. Of course, he couldn't leave it without a laugh, and added, "I say that because he likes me, and anyone who likes me is a great actor.

The 92 year old writer/editor also said during the Q&A that he doesn't keep up much with the comic books themselves anymore, mostly because his eyesight makes them hard to enjoy. "I look at the covers, and I try to guess what's going on. All I know is, the girls look beautiful on the covers - I sometimes think I'm reading Playboy and I'm not objecting to that one bit!"

Check out the full audio of the panel above for other gems.

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  1. Same here. Cap is like Goku in DBZ.

    • mknknk
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    Ironman makes a good point tho. you have to care about civilian casualties.

  2. Ironman

  3. Checkin out the girls on the covers. Classic Stan

    • CB87544
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    There .ust be accountability. Besides, Cap is harboring a fugitive.An assassin that murdered many civilians and now wants to be an Avenger.

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