Andy Serkis Confirms Supreme Leader Snoke Is Not Darth Plagueis

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  1. They seem to be steering away from the Sith with this third generation trilogy so it would make no sense if Snoke was Plagueis. Nice to have it confirmed so that another grasping theory is put to bed.

    • wheelwork
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    What happened to bringing 'balance to the Force'? I thought that is what the culmination of all Obi-Wan & Yoda's work with Luke was suppose to accomplish. This is bogus if this Snoke dude is a 'Sith' or whatever. Plain & simple, the Empire's remnants are jockeying for control using whatever resources they had at their disposal( speaking of Commander's of star systems under their control). I don't know who this Snoke is but he better just be some freak trying to consolidate the Empire's fractured remnants and not some 'Dark side of the Force' mystic nobody knew about, cuz' that's just stupid.

    • chizuk
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    Is it just me, or is the scar on Snoke's head suspiciously similar to Anakin/Darth Vader's in his death scene in RoTJ?

    • Naculdra
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    I have a very wild theory on Snoke's identity. Looking closely at the scars and disfigurement on his face he kind of reminds me of another Sith Lord. Closely comparing his disfigurement I theorize that Darth Vader is Snoke. I think that they are close enough that it us a possibilty. And considering that we have only seen Snoke via a holagram, there is the possibility that he is communicating beyond. As if he has found a way to surpass death, just as Darth Sidious told Darth Vader he would teach how to do. Mind you I said it was a wild theory. But it may be in the realm of possibilities.

    • CB120168
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    Whatever happened to "wait and see when you see the movie"?

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