Deadpool Director Clarifies The Film's Rule Of Breaking The Fourth Wall

(Photo: Fox)

"Deadpool breaks the fourth wall. Wade Wilson never does."

That's how Deadpool director Tim Miller explains one of the character's quirkiest and best-known character traits in a new interview published by Empire magazine.

“Does he know he’s a comic book character in a comic book movie? Does he know that Ryan Reynolds is playing him, and that Ryan Reynolds also played Green Lantern? It’s a big rabbit hole, and we explore it pretty deep,” Miller says in the interview.

The most important thing, he said, was finding where the line was -- and ultimately they decided that it was basically a power, and that it shouldn't be used before Wilson gets his powers.

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    • Kevin
    • 536 Posts in 30 Months

    So I am assuming it was a trailer-only line when Wade asks for his suit not to be green or cgi.

  1. Not necessarily. He wasn't speaking to the audience, so I don't think that comment technically breaks the 4th wall.

  2. breaking the 4th wall can be done by refrencing anything outside their universe that doesnt exist, i.e. talking to the audience, making a joke about how hes a comic character, refrencing other movies the actors have been in, etc.

    • AdrFax
    • 22 Posts in 12 Months

    There's always the chance that inside the universe he read/knew about the Lantern costume stuff after seeing it on TV?

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