Hugh Jackman Drops Wolverine 4 Tease?


Hugh Jackman is just playing with fans emotions, now.

In a post to his twitter account, Jackman took a picture with a metal prop with four claws. He said only, "4??????? #Wolverine" with the picture of him pointing at it quizzically.

No, this probably isn't a tease of him saying he'll come back for more Wolverine after the third solo film, though. It looks like Jackman is just checking out some classic movie props, and this is the claw attached to Han's hand in Enter the Dragon, when the character, played by Kien Shih, fought Bruce Lee while wearing the device.

Just where he saw the prop is an interesting question on its own, though. It was sold at auction in April 2013, at over $20,000 (eight thousand higher than they thought it would go for).

But hey, maybe he's being more than cheeky. Maybe he's giving fans hope "four" more Wolverine. But probably not. In the meantime, we can all look forward to March 3, 2017, (3/3, get it?) when the as-yet-untitled Wolverine 3 hits theaters, rumored to be based on the apocalyptic "Old Man Logan" story.

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  1. Or maybe it's the hand claws of Laura Kinney...

  2. With Pan flopping hard, maybe he's starting to strongly consider the guaranteed bank he's bound to make pumping out more Wolverine movies. Personally, I think his people should be lobbying hard for him to be the next James Bond...

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    As soon as Ironman 4 comes out.

  3. The guy could be a stand in for Dirty Harry or any Clint Eastwood movie ever! Just saying!

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    I think you'll find he's expressing confusion that there's 4 blades. In all the movies Wolverine has had 3 blades on each hand. Hence, 4????

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