Captain America: Civil War Merchandise Suggests Spider-Man First Look Could Be Coming January 15

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    • _L0Bo_
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    I really hope he looks like Spider-Man, no hoodie shit...

  1. Yeah, in general I like what Marvel does with characters, but they seem really pressed to "make it something we've never seen before!" and I'm really afraid they're going to over MCU it. Spidey doesn't need extra textures, seams and buckles everywhere, and they really like to do that crap. Amazing Spider-Man 2 got one thing right and that was the costume. Maybe make the spider on the back the classic oval, but otherwise that suit was perfect. Leave it alone.

    • 41 Posts in 12 Months

    i find both Toby and andrew spiderman costume weren't done right.they could made a great artistic spiderman costume while still lives on his aunt's house.if he could craft a badass costume..would it better if Peter work as a Tailorman? 

    • Lokitteh
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    There's a Winter Soldier hoodie and now a civil war Cap hoodie... I really need some cold weather. Does the latter come with FREEDOM included?

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