Deadpool Movie Will Have a S*** Ton of DVD Extras


At the surprise Deadpool fan screening in NYC Monday night, fans expecting an action movie with a little bit of humor got a bit of a shock - the film had them rolling with laughter for the entire thing. That humor, a signature of the character in his comic book appearances, stood out, and during the Q&A session after, Ryan Reynolds talked a bit about the jokes, promising there's much more to be seen.

"There's moments where, a couple of jokes vanish because you're laughing over it," he said of the rapid-fire structure to the script. "One of my favorite jokes got rolled over [during the screening] - you didn't even hear it!" he said, noting all the laughter in the theater. That's good news for collectors, though, as he said there's plenty of material for the home release.

"This movie’s going to have a sh*t ton of DVD extras, because for every joke in the movie, there’s probably 3-10 alternates. We just tried so many different things. It was sort of heartbreaking, too, because you can’t put it all in. We sat in the edit room for months and just painstakingly went through the movie – you gotta kill some of your darlings," the actor said. He worked quite a bit on every level of the film, from its initial genesis, to contributing to script and story ideas, and of course, improvising jokes on set, especially when paired with TJ Miller.

Reynolds promises he'll be a champion of the extras section being as beefed up as possible.

“I’ve already got emails into Fox’s home entertainment section saying there’s 64 movies you can cut here," he said, more serious than joking. "Let’s get to work!”

Deadpool hits theaters February 12, 2016.