Charlie Cox Says It Would Be Coolest Thing Ever To Appear As Daredevil In Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War DD

While the Marvel Studios movies and Marvel Studios Netflix series both fall under the same umbrella and can legally crossover with one another, that doesn't necessarily mean they will.

Take it from Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox. The actor recently sat down to talk about the upcoming second season of the Netflix series and was posed the question of whether or not he'll appear in the Infinity War movies.

"I have not received that call," Cox says. "Can you imagine? That would be the coolest thing ever."

The decisions regarding whether or not to include Cox or Dredevil in a movie is far over his or any actor's head and Cox explained as much. "Marvel TV and Marvel Studios are two very different things," he tells ET. "Even if the character was to appear in that film, that doesn’t necessarily mean I would appear in the film. I would pick a fight with the guy that they pick."

Certainly, none of us want to see Marvel Studios recast Matt Murdock in the Cinematic Universe. "That would be a dream but that’s not something that has been discussed," Cox concluded.

While it's hard to imagine how the Netflix characters, their choice of words, and their dark, gritty, violent styles fitting into the bright, lighthearted world of the MCU on the silver screen, Infinity War is where it would happen. The Russo Brothers, who are directing both Parts I and II starting later this year, told that the idea of Infinity War is, "the Marvel universe unites to battle the greatest threat to the world and universe that you’ve ever seen." If there was ever a chance for the crossover to happen, it's 2018 and 2019.

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    • CB83260
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    They not gonna recast him for MCU version Daredevil, it's gonna be the same, Russo brothers it always said anything is possible for Marvel(recently in the interview with the Collider), let's face it.

    • CB121390
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    Not in that costume you won't. Such garbage. The forehead looks so dumb.

  1. Agreed. If they bring in the Defenders, they'll keep the same actors. There should be little issue of schedule conflict, as the Netflix series are short seasons, and 'minimal' special effects.

    I hope they do bring them in. I've like the 3 Defenders they've cast so far, along with Rosario's Claire Temple. 

    The only ones I'm not sure about are Agents of Shield - although that could work, minus Coulson. Or they quickly deal with his resurrection & move on. I.e., "we got bigger fish to fry that delaing w/ Fury's lies". 

  2. I'm still bummed they don't have Daredevil, at least, in Civil War.

  3. I just wanna see Luke Cage team up with Cap for a scene.. that's all I want.

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