LEGO Minifigures Recreate Iconic Avengers & Star Wars Scenes In Winter Storm Jonas

LEGO Avengers

This weekend, I found myself totally snowed in as a result of the winter storm Jonas. Down in Nashville, we only got a fraction of what the northeast is being treated to but the lack of salt and plow trucks means I'm not driving anywhere any time soon.

Between the LEGO sets we review here at and the others I just go purchase because everyone needs a hobby, I realized I have enough on my six foot shelf to recreate a bunch of snowy scenes from Star Wars and Avengers movies.

So, in my time of being stuck inside the confines of my neighborhood, I decided to make the most of it and the results are below.

Have you felt it?

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It would've been nice to have a couple of AT-AT's on hand but maybe next time snow hits Tennessee I'll be more prepared.

Now it's your turn. Get outside with your action figures or minifigures and post a picture below or share them with us on Twitter but be safe out there!