Iron Fist Has Already Been Cast Says Mike Colter

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At the TCA press event for Netflix, an interview with the cast of Jessica Jones at Collider may have revealed something huge. If we take Mike Colter at his word, then a major piece of casting has already been done: the lead in Iron Fist.

"The actor has been cast," Colter said of the role of Danny Rand, "but he's in a basement somewhere," he joked. "When the time is right, they'll let him up and tell him where he is. I am [excited]."

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Iron Fist and Luke Cage are often paired up together, classically running a superhero business called "Heroes for Hire." Colter doesn't know for sure whether he'll be in Iron Fist, the fourth of the Marvel/Netflix collaboration series, but he sounds willing.

"I'll get a nice little break, after doing Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Whether I'm in [Iron Fist], I don't know, but there's The Defenders," the actor said.

The Defenders is the planned mini-series that will bring together the four solo series, the three named above and Daredevil. Season 2 of that series will launch on Netflix on March 18, 2016. Jessica Jones has already received a season 2 offer as well, and Luke Cage will debut later this year.