Iron Man 2's Justin Theroux Says Marvel Studios Really Loves Their Characters

Iron Man 2

While promoting Zoolander 2, screenwriter Justin Theroux, whom some may know as the lead actor in HBO’s The Leftovers, spoke about his experience working on Iron Man 2 for Marvel Studios.

Specifically, Theroux was asked to give his view on the apparent conflict between Marvel Studios, which make the Marvel movies, and Marvel Entertainment, which handles television, comics, and pretty much everything else.

“What I like about Kevin Feige and Jeremy Latcham and all the guys at the studio, is that they really love these characters,” Theroux told Italian outlet Bad Taste. “They’re not just trying to throw something out. I remember at that time talking about The Avengers with Kevin. I remember that I told him “I don’t know if this is going to work, having Iron Man and all these characters together” but then he ended up doing something really special. They love these superheroes and they protect them. For the business side of it, the struggle for the merchandise or the battle between Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment, I didn’t pay attention. As for the present i know that they want every product to be good.”

As for Iron Man 2 and the mixed reception it received from fans, Theroux acknowledges the film was flawed, but is still proud of his work.

“You know, like many thing sometimes is difficult to live up to the expectations,” he said. “After the first Iron Man the expectations for the second one were huge. You go in with very high expectations… and even before we started working on it we had a release date and so we had to do the movie very quickly. And i don’t want to blame anything or anyone… It was a collaboration and i really love Marvel, Jon Favreau e Robert Downey Jr. We tried to please the fans and tried to make it big… But sometimes these things they don’t just quite work. But there are parts of that movie that I’m very proud of.”

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    • CB100189
    • 218 Posts in 14 Months

    I think the win thing marvel HAS to do is get some decent villains. Maybe even have an actual movie based on a bad guy. Shame fox etc have rights to a lot of the obvious choices. Marvel might love their movies but audiences are fickle

  1. People don't give Iron Man 2 enough credit. It was the first real attempt at universe building. Nobody had ever done that before. They didn't have the benefit of learning from other people's mistakes that came before them, so they were bound to make their own. Lesson learned. And Marvel and all the other studios are still trying to find the right balance between stand-alone movie and universe building to set up future movies (cf. TASM2, or AoU).

    • Jeight
    • 3 Posts in 14 Months

    Iron Man 2 is one of the weakest movies of the MCU but it's still highly watchable. That's a testament to the overall quality of the MCU and that's why they are the kings in film and tv.

    • wheelwork
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    " that they really love these characters,” Justin Theroux . That's why DC/Warners will never match the quality of Marvel. It's all just business and profits in their house.

  2. wheelwork said ... (original post)

    " that they really love these characters,” Justin Theroux .That's why DC/Warners will never match the quality of Marvel.It's all just business and profits in their house.

    Geez, where do you people get this nonsense from?? For one thing, Marvel is just as interested in profits as any other company. Probably more so.

    And second, DC shows us on a weekly basis how much they love these characters. They show us in the form of animation, live action TV, video games, collectibles, and soon they'll show us in the form of movies.

    Meanwhile, all Marvel does to show their "love" is in the form of movies, and BARELY in the form of TV. 

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