Ryan Renolds and James Corden Host Deadpool Sidekick Auditions


James Corden, host of The Late Late Show, was excited for Ryan Reynolds' success with Deadpool. But he felt like something was missing: a sidekick. Corden decided to take some time on his show to pitch Reynolds, sitting in a room full of People magazine cover shots of his own face and Deadpool memorabilia (so, his home office, then?) some sidekick ideas.

Most of the ideas were, of course, utterly ridiculous. Corden got into strange territory very quickly, going from "The Iceman" - who wasn't Marvel's Iceman, but instead one who looked a bit like Quicksilver and had a vulgar catchphrase, to "Strawberry Short Fuse," and giving Reynolds a chance for a solid pun or two.

After all the ideas, Reynolds told James "these are all awful," but he had "one idea that may work," and put James in his own Deadpool costume for some "Double Deadpool."

Wait, James Corden got his own Deadpool costume? Unfair.

Deadpool is in theaters now, kicking all sorts of box office butt.