Daredevil Season 2 Recap With Spoilers: Bang


A newscaster recaps the hot weather hitting New York City. We pan across Hell's Kitchen's skyline as citizens yell at each other on the street level. Sounds of trains and cars fill the air. Gun shots ring out as Daredevil is perched atop a building.

Criminals in masks run from cops, each carrying a briefcase. One shoots an officer. A cop trips up one of the men but is taken down once he gets up. The man is yanked away from the cop into an alley, beaten, unmasked, and tossed back onto the sidewalk.

The other criminals continue to run through a kitchen. Daredevil intercepts them and beats one and unmasks him, leaving him to be beaten by the kitchen staff. He catches another at an intersection and tells a driver to call 911. The last criminal takes a young girl hostage and backs into a church with his gun drawn. The light are taken out and the gunman is startled. Daredevil appears at the end of aisle.

Cops rush into the church and see the young girl crying over the unconscious and unmasked gunman. Daredevil watches the cops leave from atop the building.

It's daytime. A fire hydrant pours water into the street and kids play. Foggy and Matt walk down the street and Foggy is complaining about his body being sore from a night of dancing. Matt asks him who he went out with and Foggy tells him it was the barista they know but he struck out. He only got a hug and an "I'll call you." Foggy blames Matt for his failure, citing not having a wingman or someone to slay the dance floor with. Foggy stops Matt and cleans some blood off the back of his head. He tells Matt Karen is asking about him and it's all overwhelming him. He's worried about what would happen to them if he were ever to be caught. Matt tells Foggy of a client he recommended a shelter to. She went and her husband followed with a butcher knife and wanted to hack her but it never happened because Daredevil was there to break his arms and send him to the hospital with a restraining order.

Karen files some paperwork in the Nelson & Murdock office. Matt and Foggy arrive and Karen breaks down some of the cases they have to work on. Foggy notices a basket of bananas and treats and Karen tells him they're gifts from previous clients. In a private room, Karen tells Matt and Foggy that they're broke, as in literally have no money, but Matt stays optimistic. They invite Ms. Jacinto into the room to try and get her working papers sorted out.

A Mercedes drives down a dark street and into a garage as a guard looks on from the street corner. The driver gets out and opens the door for the passenger. A dog barks at him and the owner apologizes to Mr. Nesbit. The dog is hurt and the owner is mad he didn't have the same fight 10 minutes ago.

Mr. Nesbit walks into a crowded room and says the place smells like dog shit. The man seat themselves, get him a drink, and he begins a speech. He calls it a night for celebration and a night to discuss the future of their family and the work of one young man in the room's father. A man reaches for a bottle of Jameson but Mr. Nesbit takes the bottle from him. He reflects on when the Irish ran Hell's Kitchen and how hard their parents worked. Now, though, they are complacent and had what was theirs stolen by Wilson Fisk.

Outside, the guard hears footsteps but can't find anyone.

Nesbit continues on his rant about Fisk. He smacks one man in the head before continuing. He claims there is no competition for their family anymore and it's time to make Hell's Kitchen theirs again. Just as he is about to shatter the bottle of Jameson over the man at the head of the table's skull, bullets ring through the glass window and strike him. The men at the table start shooting out the window but it's futile. One by one they keep getting shot. One man hides behind the bar and narrowly survives. It's a bloodbath around the table. The man covers himself even after the gun shots stop and eventually flees. Mr. Nesbit's phone rings with an Irish jig playing.

At a bar, Karen, Matt, and Foggy play some pool. The bartender, Josie, brings them some water but Foggy and Matt discourage Karen from drinking her dirty water. Foggy hands Matt a pool stick and heads off to the bathroom. Karen and Matt discuss Foggy's passion for their work and the fun he is while their at the bar. After taking her shot, Karen helps Matt line up a shot and after hitting the ball, he asks how he did. The two share a moment as she helps him line up his next shot and with her hand on Matt's and body pressed against his, Matt listens in to her heartbeat. Foggy returns from the bathroom and Karen goes to grab some drinks. Matt sinks a pair of balls in one shot with ease. Afterwards, Matt picks up a man's heartbeat at the bar. He's staring at them and sitting next to Karen. Foggy discourages Matt from approaching him but Matt insists he is tapping the trigger of a gun.

Karen heads back to the table. Matt approaches the man and tells him this is a good place with good people. The man tells him he has business here. They go sit at a table and he informs Matt, Foggy, and Karen of what happened to the Irish family. He tells them the area looks like a warzone. Karen asks what his involvement is and the man admits he does things he sometimes shouldn't for the family but he only skirts the surface. Matt tells the man his being the only survivor puts himself in a dangerous situation. Foggy asks his name and the man will only call himself Grotto. He wants to be safe and placed in witness protection. Matt states that they only defend the good people, not criminals, but Grotto pleads with them for help. Foggy tells him they'll look into it but Grotto falls out of the chair. Karen finds a wound on his side.

Detectives stand around the massacred table and complain about how long of a process this will be. One dead man is missing a hand. Outside, Foggy approaches a cop with Matt but the cop wants them to read about what happened in the papers and leave. Matt listens to the detectives inside, describing the high caliber bullets used to gun the men down. Foggy reveals that they have a witness and the cop tells them that withholding the client information is illegal. Matt points out that it's over 100 degrees outside, yet the Irish mobster was still wearing a vest. Brett is more willing to help now and he invites them closer to the scene.

Brett tells them this isn't the first time something like this happened. He says the investigators believe it is a para-military group. Matt listens to men transporting dead bodies, complaining about not having a place for another body after putting away the Dogs of Hell. Brett advises them to stay out it. Foggy discourages Matt from getting too involved and since he knows Matt won't stop, he wants to help.

Grotto wakes up in a hospital bed next to Karen. He starts freaking out but Karen urges him to stay in the bed. He tells her he can't stay there. Karen insists that he is in the hospital under a fake name and she is posing as his wife. Grotto tells her to run home, anyway, but she tells him to lay down and get comfortable.

Elsewhere, a man shows some criminals a trunk full of guns. They argue about the guns for a moment but Daredevil throws his baton at one man and jumps down onto the trunk and smashes the seller's hands. He takes out the others and corners the man, asking where the weapons in Hell's Kitchen are coming from. After some interrogation tactics, the man cracks. He tells Daredevil that ever since Fisk went down multiple groups are trying to get a piece of what he left behind. He asks Daredevil to just let him go since he gave him what he wanted. Daredevil tosses his keys into the water and the man insists he'll be out of jail by the end month but before he can finish, Daredevil knocks him out.

Foggy tries to walk into the Dogs of Hell bar but the guards one let him in. He asks who Foggy knows and Foggy says "Smitty." The tattooed doorman pats him down and lets him inside. Inside, Foggy is stared down by the biker group. By a pool table, the door guy tells a group Foggy is there to see Smitty. They pin him to the pool table and start questioning him. Foggy tries to reason with them a man wearing a vest that says, "President," kicks him out and tells the men to take him out back and show him how they feel about lawyers.

Elsewhere, saws hang from the ceiling and a Spanish TV show plays in a dark room. Daredevil enters, quietly. He finds an empty weapon crate with a few bullets left behind and analyzes them. DAredevil walks through slabs of meat and finds a man hanging among them with his stomach cut open, then several more. One is still alive. Daredevil helps him off the hook.

Foggy is escorted out of the bar and told that Smitty is dead. Foggy explains that he helped one of their members and the man allows him to leave. Foggy still asks what happened to Smitty and that angers the man. Foggy continues to reason with him and the men releases his grip on Foggy and lowers his knife. The man tells Foggy Smitty was a run and got hit by an army that left the whole crew dead. He assures Foggy that the Dogs of Hell are going to find whoever was responsible.

Daredevil talks to the man in the freezer. He doesn't want help. Daredevil asks who did this and the man tells him no one escapes this. He tells Daredevil it isn't a "they" but a "him." Just one man.

That one man walks through the hospital's hallways with a shotgun at his hip. The security guard tries to stop him but he disarms him and tosses his gun into the trash.

Grotto is startled in his room and Karen looks outside to see the man walking with his shotgun out. They flee the room and down the stairs, all the while getting shot at. They narrowly make it outside and to Karen's car to speed of down the street. A gunshot takes out the mirrors and windows. The man hunting them looks on from a rooftop through a sniper lens. Daredevil finds him and kicks the gun out of his hand. The two brawl on the roof as Daredevil dodges gunshot and exchanges blows with him. The man gets the best of him, leaving him lying on the ground, and heads off.

Daredevil gets up and continues to chase him. At first he's losing the fight but he manages to get an upper hand briefly. The man draws a gun, looks at him while aiming, says, "Bang," and fires. Daredevil is sent backwards, falling from the top of the building. The man was the Punisher.

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