Tracy Morgan Reviews Batman V Superman

Tracy Morgon BVS

You can always rely on Tracy Morgan for an entertaining interview, and during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, he gave his opinion about the recent Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

When asked what his thoughts were, here is what he said.

"I saw Batman V Superman, the fix was in. Yeah, I walked away from that angry like I just saw Pacquiao vs Mayweather again."

The fight itself didn't entertain him, but that was probably because he might have had the wrong impression of the Batman he was about to see.

"Batman ain't got no wings, all he got is a belt."

Oh, and maybe unclear about some of the names.

"Superman's father's name was Dorrel."

Seth cleared that up pretty quickly, letting him know it was in fact Jor- El. That led to this gem.

"I'm a Superman fan. I mean, it was a different Batman and Superman. See the first Batman, he was angry because criminals had killed his dad, but Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in this one, he was angry because he messed up with Jennifer Garner."

Never change Tracy, never change.