New Fairy Tail Anime Film Releases Full Trailer

Fairy Tail fans, get ready to feel some intense feels. It has been awhile since anime lovers have gotten to see Natsu and his guild mates. However, that is all about to change. Come May, Fairy Tail will return to its main storyline and reunite fans with the Fairy Tail guild thanks to a new anime feature. And, now, fans have been given their first full look at the film with a brand-new trailer.

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On May 6th, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is set to make its debut in Japan. The movie will be the franchise’s second, and it was overseen heavily be creator Hiro Mashima. The manga artist serves as executive producer on the film and made nearly 200 storyboards for the film.

In the new trailer, fans are able to glean plenty of details about the film. Plenty of familiar characters like Juvia, Grey, Erza, and Happy are shown throughout the trailer. And, of course, Lucy and Natsu are also featured front-and-center. So far, it seems like the film will delve more into Natsu’ past as he was raised by Igneel, and the Dragon Slayer may just learn what exactly happened to his surrogate father in this film.

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is being overseen by a slew of vetted industry professionals. It is directed by Tatsuma Minamikawa over at A-1 Pictures. Shoji Yonemura penned the film’s script while Yuuko Yamada oversaw all of its character designs. As for its music, Yasuharu Takanashi returned to score the feature. Back in May 2015, Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine confirmed the feature was coming. The franchise’s first film, Fairy Tail The Movie: Phoenix Princess, debuted back in 2012.

If you are not familiar with Fairy Tail, then it is about time you familiarized yourself with the anime. The series follows a guild of young, powerful wizards who call Fairy Tail family. Set in a fictional Earth, a boy named Natsu teams up with an unlikely friend Lucy Heartfilia as the latter dreams of becoming a powerful wizard. To date, there are more than 250 episodes of the acclaimed series, and fans can expect more to come in the new year.

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry will hit theaters on May 6, 2017.